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Who Are We

Reliable Water Treatment Supplier

We are dedicated to environmental responsibility through the treatment of sewage and wastewater as a manufacturer specializing in a full range of membranes, i.e., hollow fiber membranes, flat sheet membranes, membrane systems, equipment, etc. For about two decades, our highly respected expertise and resources have helped customers plan projects while providing customers with tailored solutions to meet water treatment goals, regardless of scale.

Membrantec company outview

We Are Hollow Fiber Membranes Manufacturer

Water Treatment Supplier is one of the best hollow fiber membrane manufacturers in China. We adopt the industry-leading Improved Thermally Induced Phase Separation (I-TIPS) technology to produce PVDF hollow fiber membranes. These membranes have high crystallinity and a uniform interpenetrating grid structure, making them much more durable than PVDF membranes produced by the standard immersion precipitation method.

PVDF Curtain Hollow Fiber Membrane pic

PVDF Curtain Hollow Fiber Membrane

Hollow Fiber MBR Membrane Moudule

Graphene Hollow Fiber MBR Membrane

Hollow Fiber Cylindrical Ultrafiltration Membrane pic

Hollow Fiber Cylindrical Ultrafiltration Membrane

PVDF Flat Sheet Membrane pic

PVDF Flat Sheet Membrane

Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane

Array Flat Sheet Membrane pic

Array Flat Sheet Membrane

Flat Sheet Membrane Module

Self Cleaning Filter Case System 2

Automatic Self-Cleaning Brush Filters

Self Cleaning Filter Case System 1

Automatic Self-Cleaning Suction Strainers

We Are Flat Sheet Membrane Manufacturer

We are one of China’s best flat sheet membrane manufacturers & suppliers. Water Treatment Supplier offers flat membrane elements with many options, featuring solid chemical stability and non-adhesive surface characteristics. These membranes have low filtration resistance, allowing for gravity filtration. They can withstand cleaning with strong acids, strong alkalis, and substantial oxidants, demonstrating excellent anti-pollution capabilities.

Wholesale Self-Cleaning Water Filter Manufacturer

This type of filter is suitable for various water supply systems, particularly those that require continuous operation without interruption. It effectively filters out mechanical impurities in the water system to ensure the system equipment’s safe and reliable operation. Analyzing the pressure difference between incoming and outgoing water can determine the filter’s operational status, enabling automatic detection, cleaning, and discharge functions.

EDI Module Water Treatment Manufacturer

EDI is characterized by its ease of operation and management, low failure rate, and straightforward implementation of automatic process control. Additionally, it can be seamlessly integrated with other water treatment technologies, such as reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF). By utilizing reverse osmosis technology for primary desalination and EDI technology for secondary desalination, a continuous manufacturing process for pure water can be achieved, establishing an optimal high-purity water production line.

Our Wastewater Treatment Solution

Domestic Sewage

Domestic sewage, generated from daily activities like washing, bathing, and toilet use, is a significant source of wastewater. It must be treated to meet standards before release. Untreated sewage contains pollutants that can pollute water bodies, leading to eutrophication and disrupting ecological balance. Effective collection and proper treatment are essential to address these concerns.

Industrial Wastewater

Industrial wastewater is produced during industrial production and contains a wide range of complex pollutants that are challenging to treat. Industrial wastewater’s increasing pollution of water resources poses significant risks to human health and safety. Therefore, finding effective methods for treating industrial wastewater is crucial in addressing this issue.

Pure & Ultrapure Water

The traditional method of preparing pure and ultrapure water using ion exchange resin is costly and requires frequent regeneration. However, EcoLanTM utilizes reverse osmosis technology and EDI (Electrodeionization) to prepare water with low operating costs and high reliability. Reverse osmosis is advanced and reliable, while EDI eliminates the need for chemical regeneration and wastewater discharge and reduces operational expenses.

Types of Our Water Treatment Products

A hollow fiber membrane is a tiny tube with porous walls and a hollow space inside. It selectively allows certain substances to pass through while retaining others.

Flat sheet membranes have a planar shape and are typically rectangular, and they are immersed in a membrane tank and scoured with air to maintain the flow of sludge through the channels of the membrane.

The automatic self-cleaning filter is suitable for various water supply systems. It can filter out multiple mechanical impurities in the water system to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system equipment.

A reverse osmosis plant is the world’s most advanced and practical desalination equipment. It is mainly composed of a reverse osmosis membrane, a high-pressure pump, and a security filter set up to protect the reverse osmosis membrane.

EDI(Electro Deionization)module is a new technology that combines electrodialysis and ion exchange for continuous water purification. It uses mixed ion exchange resin to adsorb anions and cations in the feed water.

The main functions of water treatment chemicals are to inhibit the formation of scale and sludge, slow down the corrosion of materials in contact with water, remove suspended solids and toxic substances in water, deodorize and decolorize, soften water quality, etc.

Why Choose Us as Water Treatment Supplier

Exclusive TIPS Membrane Technology

Our PVDF hollow-fiber, TIPS membrane preparation technology is distinguished by its highly uniform pore structure, high crystallinity, high mechanical strength, high chemical stability, high fluxes, high separation accuracy, and world-leading bacteria and turbidity removal efficiencies.

Continuing to R & D and Innovate

Our distinct product and service offering, supported by extensive water treatment knowledge, includes technology, trends, and services that industry observers describe as "market leading." We are always investing in R&D to give the most modern solutions to our customers.

Solutions for Membrane Systems

We provide a comprehensive range of membrane chemicals and solutions and have served thousands of projects. Among our services are integrated supply, modular design, low-cost operation and maintenance, and tailored membrane application solutions for various application scenarios, water quality, and quantity.

Our Capabilities and Expertise

We have over 20 years of expertise in the water treatment sector and can efficiently fix any problems our clients may be experiencing. We have a 10 million square meter annual production base for hollow fiber membranes as well as a first-rate water treatment chemical facility. We still have our provincial laboratory for ensuring product quality.

Our Motivation to Move Forward

Our team works in an environment that recognizes and appreciates the skills, strengths, and views that our employees bring to the table. We encourage collaboration, initiative, and accountability. We are a learning organization that rewards performance excellence.

Commitment to Our Customers

We endeavor to understand our clients' needs in order to assist them in succeeding by providing outstanding value through innovative, high-quality, user-friendly products and services. Our success is dependent on the success of our customers.

Our Success Cases of Water Treatment

EcoLan ELO-1060E Ultrafiltration Membrane Water Reuse Case

CP119 RO Scale Inhibitor Performance Test Report

CP119 RO Scale Inhibitor Performance Test Repor

EcoLan Reverse Osmosis System Cleaning and Scale Inhibitor Dosing Case

EcoLan Reverse Osmosis System Cleaning and Scale Inhibitor Dosing Case

EcoLan MBR Membrane Module Replacement Case

EcoLan MBR Membrane Module Replacement Case

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