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The Membrantec ceramic flat membrane is an inorganic membrane representing a new and highly efficient separation technology. It is a precision ceramic filtration membrane made from alumina, titanium oxide, and zirconium oxide through a unique sintering process. This membrane features an asymmetric distribution of porous support layer, filtration layer, and separation layer, offering filtration precision that covers MF (microfiltration), UF (ultrafiltration), and NF (nanofiltration).

Ceramic membrane filtration operates through a fluid separation process called “cross-flow filtration.” Under pressure, the raw liquid flows quickly inside the membrane tube, while the clarified liquid containing small molecule components passes outward through the membrane. In contrast, the concentrated liquid containing larger molecule components is retained by the membrane, thereby achieving the purpose of separation, concentration, and purification of the fluid.

Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane Technical Parameters

Membrane materialAl2O3 ZrO2 TiO2Membrane typeCeramic flat sheet membrane
Particle removal rate≥95%Nominal pore size0.1μm
Porosity≥40%Effluent turbidity<1NTU
Design flux20~60L/㎡.HWorking temperature0~80°C
Max pH range2~12Maximum pressure80 kPa
Aeration intensity3~5L/m².minMLSS8000~18000mg/L
Pure water flux60000L/M2.dayFiltration modeSubmerged suction filtration (Out to In and Inside suction)

Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane Specification Selection

The regular options are as follows: customization is accepted.

Model numberELM-CF050ELM-CF025ELM-CF017
Active membrane area0.5㎡0.25㎡0.174㎡
Membrane size1000 x 250 x 6mm500 x 250 x 6mm600 x 145 x 6mm
Net weight (kg/pc)1.9kg1.0kg0.7kg
Filtration accuracy≤0.1μm

Ceramic Flat Sheet Membranes vs. Traditional Filtration Materials

Durability: Ceramic membranes are renowned for their robustness, withstanding harsh environmental conditions and chemical treatments better than polymer-based options. This leads to a longer lifespan and fewer replacements.

Filtration Efficiency: Ceramic membranes often provide higher precision in filtration, effectively handling a wide range of particle sizes. This precision ensures more consistent water quality, which is crucial in sensitive applications.

Chemical Resistance: Unlike polymer membranes, ceramic ones exhibit exceptional resistance to a broad spectrum of chemicals, making them ideal for use in industries where exposure to aggressive substances is common.

Lifecycle Costs: While the initial investment in ceramic membranes might be higher, their extended lifespan and lower maintenance requirements often result in a more cost-effective solution.

Ceramic Flat Sheet Membranes Installation & Maintenance Guide

Installation Steps:

  1. Preparation: Verify the compatibility of the system and gather all necessary tools.
  2. Positioning: Carefully place the membrane in the designated housing, ensuring proper alignment.
  3. Sealing: Secure the membrane to prevent leaks and ensure efficient filtration.

Maintenance Guidelines:

  • Regular Inspection: Check for any signs of wear or damage regularly.
  • Cleaning: Follow a routine cleaning schedule to prevent clogging and maintain efficiency. Use recommended cleaning agents.
  • Replacement: Be mindful of the membrane’s lifespan and replace it when necessary.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Address reduced flow rates by checking for blockages or damage.
  • Ensure seals and connections are intact if leaks occur.

Maintenance Frequency: Conduct inspections and cleaning monthly or quarterly, depending on usage.

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