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The Water Treatment Supplier box-type flat sheet membrane module is designed with a unique box combination. It has a simple structure, high filling density, and a large filtration area. It exhibits high reliability when it comes to pressure changes and on-site operation. The treatment capacity can be adjusted within a specified range by increasing or decreasing the number of membrane sheets and baffles.

Moreover, the flat sheet membrane module has open flow channels, enabling easy removal of clogged membrane sheets and baffles for cleaning. This makes membrane replacement and maintenance hassle-free.

MBR Flat Sheet Membrane Manufacturer

We are one of China’s best flat sheet membrane manufacturers & suppliers. Water Treatment Supplier offers flat membrane elements with many options, featuring solid chemical stability and non-adhesive surface characteristics. These membranes have low filtration resistance, allowing for gravity filtration. They can withstand cleaning with strong acids, strong alkalis, and substantial oxidants, demonstrating excellent anti-pollution capabilities.

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Types of Flat Sheet Membranes

There are various types of flat sheet membranes available in the market. The PVDF flat sheet membrane is one of them, known for its robustness and reliability. Another type is the ceramic flat sheet membrane, which is highly durable and resistant to harsh conditions. The array flat sheet membrane is also popular due to its high performance and efficiency. Lastly, the flat sheet membrane module offers a comprehensive solution for diverse applications, combining the advantages of other types into one versatile unit.

Flat Sheet Ultrafiltration Membrane For Sale

Flat Sheet Membrane Applications

Flat Sheet Membrane for Water Treatment

Flat sheet membranes eliminate contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and particulate matter from water. Additionally, they are handy tools for desalinating seawater.

Food and beverage processing

Flat sheet membranes are excellent for separating solids from liquids, especially in creating milk, juice, and wine. They also do a fantastic job filtering bacteria and various contaminants from our food and beverage products.

Chemical processing

Flat sheet membranes effectively separate solvents from mixtures, aiding pharmaceuticals and plastics production. They are also proficient at removing impurities from chemicals.


In the realm of biotechnology, flat sheet membranes serve a variety of functions, including purifying proteins and separating cells.

Environmental remediation

Flat sheet membranes come in handy for removing contaminants from soil and water, particularly during the cleanup of oil spills and hazardous waste sites.

Our Flat Sheet Membrane Advantages

1. Multi-layer Stacking Saves Space

Water Treatment Supplier box-style flat membrane modules are arranged in multiple layers, effectively increasing the number of membrane sheets filled per unit volume. This allows for optimal space utilization, taking up less space overall.

2. Customization Support, Flexible Assembly

With modular assembly, free combination, and unlimited installation options, Water Treatment Supplier offers a more flexible application of its products. This allows for customized products to meet specific requirements.

3. Patented Design, More Resistant to Pollution

The open box structure at the top and bottom of our membrane modules creates a gap of more than 8mm between the membrane sheets. This design ensures smoother air and water channels, effectively preventing blockages and sludge deposition caused by hair, paper dust, or other contaminants in the wastewater.

Moreover, each membrane element can be disassembled and assembled independently, allowing for repeated flushing to maintain optimal performance.

4. Saving Operation Costs and Reducing Power Consumption

The multi-layer stacked structure of the MBR membrane system significantly reduces its projected area, resulting in a substantial decrease in operating aeration requirements and overall system cost. Compared to traditional curtain-type MBR membranes, the average aeration of this system is reduced to less than 60%. Additionally, blower aeration accounts for over 90% of the total energy consumption.

Frequent Ask Questions

A flat sheet membrane is a filtration system often used in lab testing. It is chosen for its ease of installation and use in a test unit, aiding in determining the most suitable cut-off for each unique application. Particularly, microfiltration membranes of this kind feature a molecular weight cut-off range of 0.08 to 0.2µ.

Flat sheet membranes function as an effective filter, using a ceramic plate as the core component of the active filter layer. As fluids flow through the system, suspended solids get blocked by this active layer, accumulating over time to form a protective ‘cake layer’. The ceramic layer design channels water throughout the membrane, repelling suspended solids, and allowing clean water to pass through to a module housing. This water is further channeled towards filtration towers in a tank holding the raw water requiring filtration. The system can also reverse the water flow for ‘backwash,’ a cleaning process that uses filtered water and air-scouring techniques to dislodge the cake layer and maintain optimal membrane conditions. Flat sheet membranes smartly filter unwanted solids from fluids, delivering clean, pure water.

The price of a flat sheet membrane depends on a few factors: the type of material it’s made of, its size, and how many you’re buying. If you’re choosing between PTFE and PVDF membranes, you’ll generally find that the PTFE ones are a bit more expensive because of their material. Also, larger membranes cost more as they need more resources to produce. But don’t worry; if you plan to buy a lot, you can usually get a better deal per unit. This is because making lots of units at once can be more efficient in production.

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