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Hollow Fiber Membrane

A hollow fiber membrane is a tiny tube with porous walls and a hollow space inside. It selectively allows certain substances to pass through while retaining others.

Flat Sheet Membrane

Flat sheet membranes have a planar shape and are typically rectangular, and they are immersed in a membrane tank and scoured with air to maintain the flow of sludge through the channels of the membrane.

Self-Cleaning Water Filter

The automatic self-cleaning filter is suitable for various water supply systems. It can filter out multiple mechanical impurities in the water system to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system equipment.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

A reverse osmosis plant is the world’s most advanced and practical desalination equipment. It is mainly composed of a reverse osmosis membrane, a high-pressure pump, and a security filter set up to protect the reverse osmosis membrane.

EDI Module

EDI(Electro Deionization)module is a new technology that combines electrodialysis and ion exchange for continuous water purification. It uses mixed ion exchange resin to adsorb anions and cations in the feed water.

Water Treatment Chemicals

The main functions of water treatment chemicals are to inhibit the formation of scale and sludge, slow down the corrosion of materials in contact with water, remove suspended solids and toxic substances in water, deodorize and decolorize, soften water quality, etc.

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