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The Membrantec array flat membrane is a cutting-edge water treatment product that belongs to the new generation of membrane technology. It features a unique corrugated membrane as its core, seamlessly combining the benefits of hollow fiber and traditional flat membranes. This innovative hybrid membrane utilizes advanced microwave texturing and homogeneous composite technology.

The Membrantec array flat membrane offers several advantages, including a compact design, low energy consumption, excellent resistance to impact, and easy disassembly and maintenance. This advanced solution achieves a remarkable balance between energy efficiency and reliable operation by breaking through the limitations of hollow fiber membranes and traditional flat plate membranes.

Array Flat Sheet Membrane Technical Parameters

Membrane materialPVDFMembrane typeArray flat sheet membrane
Breaking stress>1000NAverage pore size0.1μm
Effluent SS≤5Effluent turbidity<1NTU
Design flux15~25L/㎡.HWorking temperature1~40°C
Max pH range2~12Maximum TMP2~45 kPa
Aeration intensity80~120Nm3/m².hMLSS6000~15000mg/L
Product water flux400~600L/㎡.dayFiltration modeSubmerged suction filtration (Out to In)

Array Flat Sheet Membrane Specification Selection

The regular options are as follows: customization is accepted.

Model numberELM-AF090ELM-AF110ELM-AF150
Active membrane area9㎡ (6pcs)11㎡ (6pcs)15㎡ (8pcs)
Membrane size1220 x 760 x 44mm1500 x 760 x 44mm1500 x 760 x 44mm
Net weight (kg/pc)7.0kg8.1kg9.6kg
Filtration accuracy≤0.1μm

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