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The Membrantec flat sheet membrane module consists of a membrane box and an aeration box. The membrane box contains membrane elements, silicone tubes, water collection pipes, slot plates, and other components. The aeration box contains aeration tubes and gas collection boxes.

The aeration system transports air from the blower into the air-water mixing space through the aeration pipe. This ensures the air is evenly mixed before reaching the membrane sheet, providing uniform gas flushing force to each flat membrane. Slotted plates are installed on both sides of the membrane bracket to maintain consistent spacing between each flat membrane. This setup allows for the easy removal of the membrane element as a single piece. Furthermore, silicone rubber hoses connect the membrane element outlet with the water collection nozzle of the water collection pipe. This arrangement forms an effluent system.

Flat Sheet Membrane Module Technical Parameters

Membrane materialPVDF/CeramicMembrane typeFlat sheet membrane module
Structure materialSS304Average pore size0.1μm
Effluent SS≤5Effluent turbidity<1NTU
Design flux10~60L/㎡.HWorking temperature1~40°C
Max pH range2~12Maximum TMP10~50 kPa
Aeration intensity80~120Nm³/m².hMLSS4000~18000mg/L
Product water flux400~60000L/㎡.HFiltration modeSubmerged suction filtration (Out to In)

Flat Sheet Membrane Module Specification Selection

We offer a range of standard membrane modules with capacities ranging from 2 tons/day to 1000 tons/day. These options provide flexibility to suit different requirements. Additionally, we also provide customization services to tailor the membrane modules according to specific customer requests. Please feel free to reach out if you have any further inquiries or require additional information.

PVDF Flat Sheet Membrane Module
Model numberTreated water volumeMembrane sheetSize (mm)
MBR-PF-M03030~45 m³/day100pcs1700 x 700 x 1600mm
MBR-PF-M04040~60 m³/day100pcs1700 x 700 x 1800mm
MBR-PF-M06060~90 m³/day100pcs1700 x 700 x 2400mm
Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane Module
Model numberTreated water volumeMembrane sheetSize (mm)
MBR-CF-M0022~3 m³/day10pcs300 x 300 x 820mm
MBR-CF-M01515~35 m³/day50pcs1010 x 320 x 1800mm
MBR-CF-M03030~70 m³/day100pcs1720 x 320 x 1800mm
MBR-CF-M06060~140 m³/day200pcs1720 x 720 x 1800mm
MBR-CF-M120120~280 m³/day400pcs1720 x 720 x 3250mm
Array Flat Sheet Membrane Module
Model number Treated water volume Membrane sheet Size (mm)
MBR-AF-M050 50 m³/day 11pcs 1720 x 760 x 1480mm
MBR-AF-M100 100 m³/day 18pcs 2000 x 700 x 2260mm
MBR-AF-M200 200 m³/day 36pcs 2000 x 1150 x 2260mm
MBR-AF-M300 300 m³/day 54pcs 1750 x 1800 x 2260mm
MBR-AF-M500 500 m³/day 90pcs 1835 x 1800 x 3100mm
MBR-AF-M750 750 m³/day 96pcs 1750 x 1800 x 3100mm
MBR-AF-M1000 1000 m³/day 132pcs 2580 x 1800 x 3100mm

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