Graphene Hollow Fiber MBR Membrane

Graphene Hollow Fiber MBR Membrane Manufacturer

Due to their low cost and excellent performance, MBR membranes made of organic materials like PVDF and PTFE are widely used in water treatment. However, a major drawback of these membranes is their relatively poor resistance to contamination compared to inorganic MBR membranes such as ceramic membranes. To address this issue, Membrantec has developed patented graphene-modified inner-supported PVDF graphene membranes, which are now being produced on an industrial scale. These membranes possess the typical properties of ordinary membrane filaments and exhibit outstanding flux and pollution resistance, making them highly notable in the field.

Graphene Hollow Fiber MBR Membrane Technical Parameters

Membrane materialGraphene + PVDFMembrane typeGraphene hollow fiber MBR membrane sheet
Filament ID/OD1.3/2.6mmAverage pore size0.1μm
Tensile strength≥200NEffluent turbidity<1NTU
Design flux10~30L/M2.HWorking temperature1~40°C
Max pH range2~12Maximum TMP10~50 kPa
Aeration intensity40~100Nm³/m².hMLSS4000~13000mg/L
Filtration cycle20~120 minutesFiltration modeSubmerged suction filtration (Out to In)
Product water flux5~60L/M2.H

Graphene Hollow Fiber MBR Membrane Specification Selection

We offer a range of standard membrane modules, ranging from 5 tons/day to 200 tons/day. We also provide customization options based on customers’ requirements. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Model numberELM-G1025ELM-G1525ELM-G2025
Active membrane area10㎡15㎡20㎡
Membrane size535 x 1025 x 30mm535 x 1525 x 30mm535 x 2025 x 30mm
Filtration accuracy≤0.1μm

Scope of Applications

Considering the performance characteristics of graphene oxide membranes and the various requirements for industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, the primary application direction for graphene oxide membranes is their integration with biological treatment devices. This coupling process of biochemical-graphene oxide membranes enables deep treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater. By applying graphene oxide membranes in the advanced purification of industrial wastewater, this coupling process can provide technical support and further advance the development of standardized discharge and reuse technologies for challenging refractory industrial wastewater.

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It is often used in water treatment and filtration systems and is made from polyvinylidene fluoride, which offers excellent chemical and thermal resistance.

They are frequently used in MBR systems to separate solids from liquids, improving the overall efficiency of the purification process.

A newer membrane type utilizes the exceptional properties of graphene to improve filtration performance. It provides increased efficiency and durability.

It uses ultrafiltration to remove microorganisms, particles, and large molecules from liquids. And often used in situations that require precise and pure filtration.

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