EDI Pure Water Equipment

EDI Pure Water Equipment

Electrodeionization technology is a novel method for preparing pure water, combining ion exchange technology, ion membrane separation technology, and ion electromigration technology. An EDI module comprises multiple units linked in parallel. Each EDI unit includes an ion exchange resin, membrane, and a DC electric field. Ion exchange membranes are categorized into anion exchange membranes and cation exchange membranes. Cation exchange membranes allow only cations to pass through, blocking anions and water.

Conversely, anion exchange membranes permit only anions to pass. The anion and cation exchange membranes are arranged alternately to form a series of concentrated and freshwater chambers. The freshwater section is filled with an anion-cation mixed ion exchange resin. Under the influence of the applied DC electric field, cations move towards the cathode, while anions move towards the anode. They each enter the adjacent concentrated water chamber via the ion exchange membrane, consequently reducing the ion content in the water of the freshwater channel and achieving water purification.

Our Product Technical Parameters

EDI Feed Water Index
Total exchangeable anions (Calculated as CaCO3)≤35mg/LTotal hardness (Calculated as CaCO3 )≤1mg/L
SiO2≤0.5 mg/LWater temperature5~35°C
Residual chlorine in influent≤0.02 mg/LSDI15<1
pH value7~9Variable metalsFe≤0.01 mg/L, Mn≤0.01 mg/L
Feed water pressure≤0.4MPaOxidizing agent (Cl2/O2)Non-detectable

Our Product Specification Selection

Model numberCP-5800SCP-4500SCP-3600SCP-2000SCP-1000SCP-500S
Size (mm)616 x 296 x 797mm616 x 296 x 648mm616 x 296 x 512mm616 x 296 x 395mm616 x 296 x 295mm616 x 296 x 215mm
Net Weight (kg)160kg130kg110kg80kg68kg58kg
Product water flow (m3/h)5.0~6.54.0~5.13.0~3.82.0~2.61.0~1.50.5~0.7
Concentrated water flow (m3/h)0.50~0.650.4~0.510.3~0.380.2~0.260.1~0.150.05~0.07
Electrolyte water flow (L/h)60L/h
DC powerCB-500CB-500CA-350CA-350CA-350CA-150
Operation voltage (V)100~45080~30050~24050~16020~10020~80
Operation current (A)0.5~5.5a

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