Hollow Fiber Cylindrical Ultrafiltration Membrane

Hollow Fiber Cylindrical Ultrafiltration Membrane Manufacturer

The Membrantec ultrafiltration membrane is a next-generation PVDF hollow fiber membrane designed using a proprietary hydrophilic modification process. This process enhances the membrane’s resistance to pollution and degradation while maintaining a high flux rate. The membrane demonstrates excellent performance in effectively removing suspended solids, colloids, microorganisms, and other impurities from water. The EcoLan pressure ultrafiltration membrane also features an external (outside-in) pressure structure and combines over ten years of R&D and application experience in membrane water treatment. This ensures a seamless replacement with the most reputable brands available.

Hollow Fiber Cylindrical Ultrafiltration Membrane Technical Parameters

Basic Parameters
Membrane materialPVDFMembrane typeOutside-in pressure type ultrafiltration membrane
Housing materialUPVCNominal pore size0.03μm
Filament ID/OD0.7/1.3mmEffluent turbidity<0.1NTU
Design flux30~100L/M2.H, 25℃Effluent SDI15≤3
Max pH range2~10Temperature1~40℃
Terms of use
Transmembrane pressure (TMP)≤0.2MPa
Backwash flux90~110 L/m2·h
Backwash pressure≤0.2MPa
Air wash flow5~12Nm3/h·pc
Air wash pressure≤0.1MPa
Filtration cycle20~120 minutes
Inlet water TSS≤20mg/L (limit value 100mg/L)
Inlet water CODcr≤30mg/L (limit value 100mg/L)
Inlet water turbidity≤50NTU (limit value 200NTU)
Inlet water pressure≤0.5MPa
Pre-filtering fineness≤300 μm

Hollow Fiber Cylindrical Ultrafiltration Membrane Specification Selection

External pressure ultrafiltration membranes are available in various specifications. We also offer customization options to meet specific customer requirements.

Model numberELO-1080ELO-1060ELO-1030
Active membrane area105㎡75㎡35㎡
Membrane sizeΦ250 x 2215mmΦ250 x 1715mmΦ250 x 965mm
Filtration accuracy≤0.03μm

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