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The Membrantec automatic suction-type self-cleaning filters utilize a set of sucking scanners that scan point by point along the inner surface of the filter screen to complete the self-cleaning process. During cleaning, the open drain valve is connected to the inside of the hollow suction scanner, creating a high backwash flow rate and generating a “vacuum” at the front of the suction nozzle. This mechanism effectively sucks off and removes the filter cake that has accumulated on the inner surface of the filter screen, discharging it from the filter body.

In operation, raw water enters through the filter’s inlet and passes through the fine screen from inside to outside before exiting through the filter outlet. As impurities accumulate on the inner surface of the screen, they form a filter cake over time. This gradual accumulation causes an increase in the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the screen. Once this pressure difference reaches a preset value (0.5 bar) determined by a pressure difference switch, the filter initiates a self-cleaning process. The cleaning process typically takes around 30 seconds, maintaining continuous flow within the system.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Suction Strainers Technical Parameters

When selecting a filter, it is crucial to identify the specific requirements of the application, considering factors such as the usage scenario, desired water filtration volume, required filtration precision, installation method, cleaning method, and water inlet pressure. Each model series can offer different options for inlet and outlet diameters and varying filter screen areas. This ensures that each filter model has an appropriate flow range suitable for different applications.

It is important to note that when the model specification and caliber are determined, the choice of different precision filters can greatly impact the water output. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to selecting a filter with the appropriate precision to achieve the desired filtration efficiency while maintaining optimal water flow.

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Model seriesEL-LESEL-MES
Cleaning methodElectric suction type
Filtration accuracy50μm~800μm
Water flow100m³/h~1500m³/h20m³/h~400m³/h
Housing materialCarbon steel with epoxy resin inside and outside
Filter screen materialStainless steel 316L
Shaft materialStainless steel 316L
Minimum operating pressure0.5Bar
Maximum operating pressure10Bar
Working temperature0~65°C
Backwashing flow50~70 m³/h
Backwashing water consumption200~300L each time, below 0.5% of effluent
Backwashing time30s
Rated power380~440V, 50/60HZ
Control modePressure difference (priority), fixed time, manual operation

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