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RO Scale Inhibitors are indispensable in preserving the longevity and effectiveness of your reverse osmosis systems. These special chemical solutions combat mineral scaling, ensuring your RO system operates at peak performance. Perfect for industries or households using RO technology for water purification. Explore our superior quality RO Scale Inhibitors, enhancing the efficiency of water treatment while reducing maintenance costs. Secure the durability of your RO system with our expert solutions.

RO Scale Inhibitors Manufacturer

We have developed a series of polymeric scale inhibitors using combinatorial chemistry through high throughput screening (HTS) technology. These products provide an optimal solution to the fouling of membrane systems. They can effectively prevent the deposition of inorganic salts on the surface of the RO membrane. Moreover, they exhibit strong inhibitory effects on CaCO3 and CaSO4 fouling deposition and demonstrate excellent scale inhibition under LSI<2.8. These products can also effectively control the fouling caused by SrSO4, BaSO4, CaF2, and SiO2.

Product Features

The product is an anionic polymer with an ultra-high branching structure, featuring different high-density distributions of functional groups. This further enhances the scale inhibition performance of the agent.

The product has a high aggregation density of carboxylic acid groups with a relatively fixed spatial position, which is more conducive to the association of sinker ions.

Our products feature a high concentration rate, which saves costs associated with packaging, logistics, storage, and labor.

The product has a wide range of pH value and exhibits high tolerance to calcium hardness and alkalinity, with a calcium carbonate LSI of up to 3.2.

The product offers an optional phosphorus-free or low phosphorus formula, which greatly reduces the source of nutrients for microbial breeding.

The dosing amount required for this product is about 1/11 of that of commercially available products. This complies with the most stringent environmental discharge requirements and aligns with the U.S. National Drinking Water ANSI/NSF60 Standards.

Product Physical Properties

AppearanceColorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Density(20°C)1.25±0.05g/cm 3 (varies by product)
pH(1.0%)1.5~3.5 (varies by product)
SolubilityCompletely soluble in water

Product Specification Selection

CategoryProduct nameModel numberProduct Description
RO Scale InhibitorConcentrated RO Scale InhibitorCPE8000Eight times concentrated liquid, micro phosphorus environmental scale inhibitor, saving storage and transportation costs and dosing labor. It is suitable for a comprehensive water source, complex water quality, and fluctuating water conditions, and it has strong resistance to water quality impact. Under LSI <3.0 on the concentrated water side, it can typically play its excellent scale inhibition performance.
CPE11000Eleven times concentrated liquid, micro phosphorus environmental scale inhibitor, the most substantial savings in storage and transportation costs and dosing labor. It is suitable for surface, groundwater, and intermediate water under general quality. It can play the role of scale inhibition typically under LSI <2.8 on the concentrated water side.
General RO Scale InhibitorCP118Standard liquid, micro phosphorus environmental scale inhibitor. It is suitable for water source-wide, water quality complex, and fluctuating water conditions and has strong resistance to water quality impact. Under LSI <3.0 on the concentrated water side, it can typically play its excellent scale inhibition performance.
CP119Standard liquid, micro phosphorus environmental scale inhibitor. It is suitable for surface, groundwater, and intermediate water under general water quality and can play scale inhibition generally under LSI <2.8 on the concentrated water side.
NP215Standard liquid, copolymer non-phosphorus scale inhibitor, and dispersant with excellent environmental performance. It is especially suitable for groundwater and intermediate water under general water quality and can play scale inhibition generally under LSI <2.8 on the concentrated water side.
NP216Standard liquid, copolymer scale inhibitor. Particular scale inhibitor for high iron water quality, with high-efficiency dispersion performance.
NP217Standard liquid, copolymer scale inhibitor. Particular scale inhibitor for high silicon water.
NP218Standard liquid, micro phosphorus environmental scale inhibitor. Particular scale inhibitor for high strontium and high barium water.

Operating Instructions

The product can be administered either diluted or as the original liquid. To ensure accurate dosing, dilution dosing is generally recommended. The diluted water should be RO product water or mixed bed discharge water. The recommended dilution times are detailed in the product description for each model. It’s advisable to re-formulate the chemicals every 5 to 7 days. Please ensure the chemical tank is cleaned before preparing the agents to prevent the growth of microorganisms.

The general dosing rate, which depends on the feed water quality, type of membrane, and system operating parameters (such as recovery rate, temperature, pressure, etc.), is between 2.0 and 5.0 ppm. The product is preferably added before the static mixer or security filter. It’s recommended to use software to calculate the optimum dosing rate. Additionally, Membrantec technical engineers can provide recommendations based on the status of the customer’s system.

Why Choose Our RO Scale Inhibitors

Choosing our RO scale inhibitors offers several advantages for your reverse osmosis (RO) system:

  1. Maximized RO System Lifespan: Our RO Scale Inhibitor is engineered to extend the life of your Reverse Osmosis systems. By combating the most persistent scale deposits, our formula ensures your system components remain pristine for the long haul.
  2. Unmatched Scale Prevention Efficiency: Benefit from the superior efficiency of our product as it proactively prevents scale formation before it can impact your system’s functionality. This preemptive approach ensures continuous operation without the downtime caused by scale-related maintenance.
  3. Substantial Cost Savings: Reduce overall operating costs with our solution. Less frequent need for descaling, reduced energy consumption due to better flow rates, and fewer membrane replacements mean significant savings on your bottom line.
  4. Advanced Formulation: Featuring a cutting-edge, phosphate-free formula, our inhibitor delivers exceptional performance without harmful chemicals, making it an environmentally conscious choice that aligns with modern sustainability standards.
  5. User-friendly Application: Designed with the user in mind, our product is easy to dose and integrate into existing water systems, eliminating the need for specialized equipment or complicated procedures.
  6. Multi-System Compatibility: Versatile and effective across a spectrum of water conditions, our inhibitor is compatible with a wide range of RO systems, from home units to large-scale industrial applications.
  7. Safety First: Safety is a priority, and our non-corrosive formula is gentle on system components, safe for handling, and suitable for systems that process potable water.
  8. Performance Guaranteed: We are committed to quality, and our RO Scale Inhibitor’s performance is backed by rigorous testing and a satisfaction guarantee so that you can be confident in your investment.

By choosing our RO Scale Inhibitor, you’re not just purchasing a product but investing in a sustainable, cost-effective solution that delivers on its promises, supporting the long-term health and efficiency of your water treatment systems.

RO Scale Inhibitor Applications

Our RO Scale Inhibitor is designed with versatility in mind, ensuring its efficacy across a broad spectrum of applications. Our product delivers consistent performance for industrial-scale operations, commercial establishments, or residential use.

  1. Industrial Applications: In environments such as manufacturing plants, food and beverage processing facilities, and pharmaceutical industries, where water purity is paramount, our scale inhibitor works to maintain the integrity and efficiency of RO systems. It’s particularly suitable for large-scale operations that require high-volume water treatment, helping to prevent downtime and extend the lifespan of costly equipment.
  2. Commercial Use: Our formula shines in commercial settings like hospitals, hotels, and office buildings, where it guarantees that RO systems function without scale interference, providing safe and clean water for various uses — from consumption to heating and cooling systems.
  3. Residential Systems: Our product is an ideal choice for homeowners due to its ease of use and the peace of mind it brings. It integrates seamlessly with home RO water purifiers, ensuring that families enjoy clean water while protecting their home appliance investments.
  4. Specialized Equipment: In addition to standard RO systems, our scale inhibitor is also compatible with specialized equipment such as boiler feedwater systems, cooling towers, and various types of water filtration units that require precise scale control to operate efficiently.
  5. Portable RO Units: For mobile RO systems used in outdoor applications, including field operations and emergency deployment, the product assures consistent scale prevention that helps maintain optimal performance in various conditions.

RO Scale Inhibitor Usage Instructions

For optimal results, follow these simplified usage instructions for our RO Scale Inhibitor:

  1. Dosage Preparation: Determine the correct dosage based on your RO system’s capacity, flow rate, and water hardness levels. This ensures adequate scale protection without overuse of the product.
  2. Injection Point: Introduce the scale inhibitor directly into the water feed line before the RO system. This is typically done using a chemical dosing pump or a similar injection system.
  3. System Integration: Ensure the product is fully mixed with the incoming water. This may occur naturally within the system’s flow or via a static mixer installed in the feed line for more efficient distribution.
  4. Regular Monitoring: Check the inhibitor levels and system performance at regular intervals. Adjust the dosage as necessary to maintain optimal scale prevention, particularly if there are changes in water quality or consumption patterns.
  5. Maintenance: Keep your dosing equipment clean and in good working order. This helps to guarantee that the scale inhibitor is consistently delivered at the correct rate.
  6. Safety Compliance: Always adhere to safety guidelines when handling the product. Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as recommended.

By following these streamlined instructions, our RO Scale Inhibitor should integrate effortlessly into your routine maintenance schedule, ensuring the efficient operation of your RO system with minimal additional effort.

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