Large-Scale Custom Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Large-Scale Custom Reverse Osmosis (RO) System Manufacturer

The large-scale reverse osmosis plant produces a significantly high water output and is generally employed by larger production enterprises. The EcoLan series large-scale reverse osmosis device can supply high-quality pure water for various industries, fulfilling the production water needs of these enterprises. The reverse osmosis unit’s primary function is to remove impurities such as dissolved salts, organic matter, silica colloids, bacteria, viruses, macromolecules, and particles not eliminated by the pretreatment process to produce pure water. Furthermore, the two-stage reverse osmosis process can further extract ions from the water. This ensures that the effluent can meet the feed water requirements of the subsequent EDI device process.

Product Features

PLC Programmable Intelligent Control System and Human-Machine Interface Operating System

The equipment features an LCD liquid crystal display, human-machine dialogue, clock, and language setting function. Upon activation, the electronic control system automatically detects and dispenses chemicals in a proportional manner. It handles the treatment of raw water and preparation of pure water fully automatically.

Online Water Quality Detection and Control to Ensure Water Quality Meets Requirements

The equipment is fitted with high-quality product water and concentrated water flow meters, raw water and product water conductivity meters, and a pH meter. These components allow for real-time detection of water quality, system water yield, and recovery rate, ensuring the steady operation of the reverse osmosis system. This guarantees the production of pure water that meets all necessary requirements.

Automatic Flushing Function and Advanced Membrane Protection System

The equipment is configured with a chemical cleaning system, inlet water, and drainage pressure gauge. It continuously monitors the pressure difference of the reverse osmosis membrane, prompting timely cleaning and automatic flushing. It also features an advanced built-in membrane protection system. When the equipment is turned off, it can automatically flush away any dirt on the membrane surface using product water. This helps to prolong the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane.

Personalized Design to Meet Local Water Quality and Meet Demand in All Aspects

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment can be custom-designed based on the requirements of different projects and the local water quality. Simultaneously, its high degree of integration and expandability make it an ideal choice. By increasing the number of reverse osmosis membranes, the processing capacity can be enhanced to meet customer needs.

High efficiency, Low Noise High-Pressure Pump

The equipment incorporates a high-efficiency, high-quality high-pressure pump. The PLC automatically controls the start and stop operations, reducing both energy consumption and operational noise. Additionally, the built-in low-pressure switch protects the high-pressure pump from damage caused by a halt in water supply.

Product Technical Parameters

Structure materialStainless steelProduct TypeReverse osmosis system
Feed water pressure0.2~0.4MPaWater hardness<6m mol/L
Iron content in influent<0.3mg/LInfluent turbidity<5NTU
The manganese content in influent<0.1mg/LFeed water temperature2~45°C
Residual chlorine in influent<0.1PPMVoltage220V/380V

Process Flow Diagram

The raw water, sourced from taps, surface water, or groundwater, undergoes a pretreatment process and precision filter. The water is then transferred to the reverse osmosis device via a high-pressure pump to generate the product water directly. This primary reverse osmosis process is suitable for water quality with a conductivity of less than 300μs/cm. The resultant product water has a conductivity of less than 10μs/cm. To improve effluent conductivity, the product water from the first-stage reverse osmosis can be further filtered through a second reverse osmosis unit, referred to as the second-stage reverse osmosis system.

Process Flow Of Two Stage Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Product Specification Selection

We have several options for standard membranes, and we can customize sizes per customers’ requests. Please note that the membrane is calculated by square meters for each layer of membrane filaments.
Model numberProduction water (T/H)Motor power (KW)Recovery rate (%)Pure water conductivity (μs/cm)Raw water conductivity (μs/cm)

Scope of Applications

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Chemical industry
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Drinking water
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Power industry
Electronics industry icon
Electronics industry
Photovoltaic industry icon
Photovoltaic industry
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